You have a large number of factory bikes and would like to improve the management, maintenance and operation?
Your employees all have an employee ID card with RFID chip? Then the I SHARE IT RFID solution is the right sharing system for you.


The I SHARE IT RFID system consists of two main components

Smart bike lock – I LOCK IT RFID

The most important component of a bike sharing system is the bicycle lock. This provides protection against theft and allows authorized users to unlock the bike.

With the I LOCK IT bike lock, the I SHARE IT bike-sharing system has a smart bike lock that works reliably and has proven itself in practice.

The RFID version of I LOCK IT also has the ability to read the most common employee ID cards and supports various encryption algorithms such as Legic advant.


Smartphone App for the service

While the employees use the system with their ID card, the service can access the locks with the smartphone app and evaluate useful information such as:

  • How many times has the bike been used?
  • Which employee had rented the bike last
  • How many different employees use the bike?



1. Register user

In order to be able to rent a bike, the employees must first of all receive a release code on their employee badge. As desired, this applies to all or only certain bicycles.

2. Rent a bike

To rent a bike, the registered employee ID must be held to the RFID reader on the lock. This will automatically open the bike lock.

3. Ride

The employee can then use the bike. If a maximum usetime is defined, an audible alarm will be given by the bicycle lock if it is exceeded.

4. Return the bike

To end the rental period, the employee holds his ID card back to the RFID reader. The lock is completed and the rental process is terminated.

Your advantages

Compared to the traditional distribution of keys or the free use of factory bikes, the digital solution offers many advantages.

– No lost keys

One of the most common problems with factory bicycles is that the keys are lost. Unlocking with the employee card eliminates this problem completely.

– Higher sense of responsibility

Improper handling of factory bikes requires frequent repair and maintenance. If necessary, our RFID solution can easily be used to check which employees have used the bike recently. This possibility of control promotes better handling of the bikes by the employees.

– Better administration

With our rental solution, you can easily specify that only certain employees or departments can use specific bikes. This makes it easier to control the distribution of the bikes.

– Optional rental stations

In addition to rent directly at the bike, it is also possible to set up rental stations. A return and borrowing is then possible only at these stations. This creates central points for the factory bikes and prevents that the bikes are carelessly parked everywhere.

Request a free demo

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