I LOCK IT Pro is our new electronic bicycle lock, which was specially designed for use in bike sharing.

The new vandal-proof housing in combination with the high level of security and the usual comfortable operation make it the perfect lock solution for rental projects.

The integrated permanent GPS tracking enables the position of the bike to be tracked in real time (external energy supply required, e.g. from the e-bike).

3D motion sensors detect an attempted theft and theintegrated 110 dB loud alarm is activated.

I LOCK IT closes and opens via smartphone control. This makes securing the bike safe and convenient. Thanks to the integrated dynamic spoke evasion system (DSA system), the locking bolt moves past every spoke. I LOCK IT closes reliably and without manual correction of the wheel.

With our practical accessories such as our plug-in chain, I LOCK IT Pro can be easily expanded and thus further increases protection. The insertion of the accessories is automatically recognized and the wheel is locked. The operation could hardly be easier.

I LOCK IT Pro in the premium version can be supplied with 4.5V – 45V external voltage and can therefore be used flexibly. If the integrated battery falls below a configurable voltage level, an energy saving mode is automatically activated so that I LOCK IT Pro can be used for as long as possible.

A quality product developed and produced in Germany.

  • 110 dB Alarm
  • Permanent GPS tracking with external power supply
  • Integrated spoke avoidance functionality
  • Robust metal housing
  • Compatible with e-bikes with wider tires


– The use of the I SHARE IT locks is only possible with a compatible fleet management solution or via the open Bluetooth/ GSM REST API. A usage with the I LOCK IT app for end customers is not possible.

– A separate subscription of GPS Premium Tracking Service is required to use the GPS functionality. This can be ordered separately. The costs for the GPS Premium Tracking Service are € 2.30 per month. Invoices are issued monthly. More information for ordering the service will be sent with the shipment of the lock.

– In Switzerland it is not possible to use the GPS functionality. Other countries within Europe are not affected by this restriction.

Weight1 kg

Technical data

  • Size: 148mm x 150mm x 40mm
  • max. Tire width: 70mm
  • Weight: approx. 600g
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, GPRS, GPS
  • Connectors: USB-C charging port, external 70 cm power connection cable with Julet connector
  • Housing material: impact-resistant and robust metal
  • 8 mm hardened steel locking bolt
  • Open Bluetooth API

Included in delivery

  • 1× I LOCK IT Pro Sharing – GPS Edition Premium(DBF)
  • 1× Battery (integrated in I LOCK IT Pro)
  • 1× Mounting material
  • 1× Adapter for Julet connector with open wires