Sharing Lock

Sharing Lock

In all I SHARE IT solutions, we rely on the I LOCK IT Bluetooth bike lock developed by us.

This is adapted by us for use in bike sharing and e.g. provided with a specially developed firmware.

The advantages of using the I LOCK IT bike lock for use in bike sharing are obvious:

  • Tried and tested worldwide through use in both sharing and private bicycles
  • High security through integrated alarm system and optional GPS tracking
  • High flexibility with individual adjustments (e.g. external energy supply, control via UART, …)
  • Easy retrofitting on existing bikes
  • Quality product developed and manufactured in Germany

Comparison with other bike sharing locks

Below you will find a comparison between I LOCK IT and other bike locks available on the market for use in bike rental.

I LOCK IT Bikesharing Version

Chinese Sharing Lock

AXA Bikesharing Lock

Unlock via app

Lock via app

Alarm secured


Expandable with plug-in chain / plug-in cable

USB Charging Port

Exchangeable battery

Integrated GPS / GSM module

Depending on the external key server

Service opening without smartphone

Permanent external energy supply possible

Spoke avoidance system for easy locking

Function available, () Function partially available, Function not available